Volunteer at Punta Mona! 

In our 2-month volunteering program, you will gain experience in all aspects of living off-the-grid in the jungle and maintaining a permaculture farm and educational center!

You will live full-time at Punta Mona as part of our community, and work hands-on in our gardens, kitchen, greenhouse, common spaces, and herbal medicine lab. You will work alongside experienced staff to keep our plants, animals, systems, and people healthy and thriving.

During your time here, you will learn how to plan and prepare jungle gourmet meals, tend to our community spaces to ensure cleanliness and comfort, cultivate abundance in our gardens and food forest, maintain permaculture systems including our water catchment, humanure, and solar energy systems and host guests and groups from all over the world.

You will have many opportunities to deepen your knowledge of permaculture, herbalism, jungle cuisine, hospitality, off-the-grid living, and Spanish language.

Activities on the farm vary by season. Please take note of the monthly flow and pick your time with us according to the skills you are looking to expand on.

May - September: This is our low season. We host few large groups over this time and the work is primarily focussed on hands-on farm processes.

October - November: While still typically low season, we will have more groups trickling in and more energy will be directed towards hospitality.

December - April: Our high season. Typically back-to-back groups, retreats, courses and guests. This season is mainly hospitality orientated with a larger focus on meal preperation, guest interaction, teaching and learning from those who move through Punta Mona. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the ins and outs of agritourism and be exposed to the broad-spectrum of teachers and experts in permaculture, mycology, yoga, art, entrepreneurship, cooking and more.


Typical Day in the Life at Punta Mona:

6:00am:  Wake up naturally to the sunshine and howler monkeys

6:30am:  Community yoga class in our Shala (when possible)

7:30am:  Breakfast

8:30am:  Community meeting to review the day’s goals and activities

9:00am:  Daily farm maintenance – animals, tidying common areas, cleaning bathrooms

9:30am-12:00pm:  Project work groups: medicine-making, harvesting, planting, building structures, tree-care, deep cleaning

12:30pm:  Community lunch

1:30-3:00pm:  Free-time to swim, relax, socialize

3:00pm:  Afternoon project work

3:30pm:  Dinner crew begins prep

5:30-6:30pm:  Free-time

6:30pm:  Dinner

7:00pm: All-hands kitchen clean-up

8:00pm:  Hang-time, sometimes fire circle, cacao ceremony, or music

9:00ish:  When we all typically go to bed! 9pm is jungle midnight, we like to go to  sleep early and rise up early with the sun.



In our volunteering program, you will be in the field approximately 6 hours per day, 5 1/2 days per week, carrying out farm duties, preparing meals, participating in group activities and workshops, and maintaining the farm.

Basic requirements for this program include:

·             Fundamental knowledge of Permaculture or previous farm experience

·             Excellent communication skills

·             Basic Spanish or ability to learn quickly

·             A strong work-ethic and positive attitude

·             A willingness to learn and receive feedback

·             A desire to live in community and connect deeply with like minded new friends


Program Cost

While at Punta Mona, you will receive accommodations, 3 freshly prepped lacto-vegetarian meals a day, hands-on education and training, and the opportunity to participate in Punta Mona programming (morning yoga, musical performances, cacao ceremonies, snorkeling, festivals, mud baths).

The program is for a 2 month minimum stay, with an option to extend, or apply for work trade according to skill set and staff needs of Punta Mona

Program cost: $500

$100 deposit to reserve spot

$500 due at start of Month 1

$500 at start of Month 2

Month 3 extension: $400