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Introduction to Herbalism

Join us in the jungle for an immersive 4-day, 3-night introduction into the practice of herbalism!

Delve into the ancient art of holistic medicine making, first aid, fermentation, harvesting and processing, ethnobotany, and more.


Medicine is all around us. There is a herb, plant, or fungi for any ailment.

Here at Punta Mona we believe in the power of the plants and fungi as critical support networks to healing. We have cataloged over 150 medicinal plants, trees and fungi, that are native, naturalized and exotic parts of our extensive botanical collection.


Become a Part of the Community

For the duration of the course you will be living in within the intentional community of Punta Mona.

This is a co-creative, co living space, of shared meals, common integration spaces and connection.

We have a permanent community of staff and volunteers who keep Punta Mona alive, tending to the farm, the chickens, our buildings, our kitchen and food, and the overall health and energy of our people.

We’re fruit lovers, seed savers, compost fanatics, organic chefs, natural builders, herb witches, writers and artists - and we look forward to opening our doors and hearts to you.



Facilitated by Punta Mona’s own Herbalist, Souzie, who has been living on the land full time since April 2018.

Souzie began her career as a nurse, but was frustrated in by the lack of alternative health care options given to patients. Since then she has been practicing herbal medicine and has been involved in setting up and running the Herbal Clinics at Envision Festival and Cosmic Convergence. She started and leads our alchemy lab and leads everyday herbalism here on the farm.


Program Includes:

- History of Herbalism

- Healing traditions of the world (Chinese, Ayurvedic, and European Herbalism)

- Where herbs meet pharmaceuticals

- Herbal Energetics and how herbs work on our bodies

- Plant Walk: harvesting and processing herbs

- An Introduction to Fermentation

- Herbal medicine preparations: infusions, decoctions, tinctures, vinegars, honeys, oils, balms

- Herbal First Aid: herbs for common ailments

- Cacao preparation - learning the process from tree to beverage.

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Private room - $445

Shared room- $400

Shared bungalow- $340

$100 discount for locals

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