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Jungala - Artistry in Philanthropy

Where Artistry meets Philanthropy,

The Rainforest and the Caribbean Sea.

Sounds of the Jungle, and Discovery

Influence, Empowering, Convergence

Emergent Action, and Sustainability.  

A Regenerative Event to the Grandest Extent.

Founded in Native Traditions, and Ceremony. 


What Story do We tell? This Year to the Next.

What gratification or Impact do we expect?

Let’s begin this New Chapter, Make History.

Make Ritual and Sacrifice for People and Planet

For the Flame inside Us and Those that fan it.

Stewards of the Oceans and the Forests,

Agents of Change, Proponents of Art and Music.

Arrange the Components, we start here and now. 

In Love and Respect

We Gather

Our hope is that by sharing this experience with our friends and family, we will strengthen bonds and hone our intentions to have a greater impact on our planet.

This is about IMPACT. We want to take the energy we are investing into a New Years celebration and plant seeds beyond ourselves. With every participant we are apportioning a credit to be used towards projects that will be presented at the function. The function is Jungala~ where artistry meets philanthropy.

4 days in Punta Mona with Dj’s and the sounds of the jungle. We will partake in ceremony. At the forefront we will all share, about 60 of us, a ceremony at 1.1.19 New Years a ceremony guided by Guatemalan and Costa Rican tribe members- as New Years is a massive connection for both. They will guide us gratitude towards the present holdings in our lives and the igniting of desires - roots and blooming branches for the year to come. We will then dance under the moon all night in respect to our process as a community of influencers. This will be a ball! 

There will be talks on regenerative practices of indigenous tribe in Ecuador and their story of why they continue to regenerate, why they are a community, and what it means to them. The Guatemalan father and son are amazing artists who will convey the why as to their motivation for painting. The son has an amazing fusion of traditional Guatemalan art with visionary and esoteric elements. Every painting is a story, every person joining is part of this story. 



Last year for New Years, a small group of us traveled to Punta Mona, an eco-village situated on both primary Costa Rican rainforest and Atlantic beach front.

We spent the week hiking through untouched primary rainforest, eating incredible home-cooked meals prepared directly from the land, learning about indigenous wisdom and culture, participating in ceremony, swimming by day, dancing at night, watching the moon rise over the sea, eating fruits directly off the trees, bathing in mud from the riverbed, singing and playing instruments around the fire, and laughing with new friends.

Perhaps the best part was meeting the crew of people who make Punta Mona possible. People with big hearts, deep laughs, and open minds, who have traveled the world and share adventures from all its corners. To be honest, the hardest thing about leaving Punta Mona was saying goodbye to them. So when Nic, Devin, and Cassandra said they wanted to have us for New Years again, and shared their ambitious vision of co-curating an experience with us and our closest friends... we realized we had no choice but to say YES! 

Our hope is that by sharing this experience with our friends and family, we will strengthen bonds and hone our intentions to have a greater impact on our planet. In other words, we don't see this is a hedonistic escape from reality, but rather as a way to become more in touch with our reality–particularly Mother Nature whose beauty and love is easy to miss in the cities and desert.

If you come with us  on this adventure, we are confident that it will be a transformative experience and that we’ll return home with an expanded love of nature and a rejuvenated passion to bring our species and our planet into a more harmonious relationship.

--Kenzie & Carter

Artistry in Philanthropy

$100 up to $300 of each ticket is going to benefit the programs of your choosing. More funds can be allocated before, during and after the event as your generosity increases. This Benefit Credit is up to you to apportion how you would choose. We will be representing specific Direct Action components where 100% of the funds directly benefit with zero bureaucracy in between the good we create. These projects/artists will be present throughout the new year celebration.

If you represent a not for profit or non-profit cause or even a for-profit cause that you feel has a solution or idea for benefiting people or planet, please reach out as we would be happy to consider all programs to benefit from this fundraiser.