Permaculture provides you with the toolkit to create the world you dream of living in

Permaculture is a philosophy and practice of ecological design that doesn’t tell you what to do – it teaches you how to think. In the study of Permaculture, we challenge the current paradigm of where our food and water come from, the way we are constructing our villages and towns, and how we live our day-to-day. At Punta Mona, our Permaculture Design Course grads have gone on to become change-makers all over the world, designing their own land projects, founding eco-communities, redesigning their businesses, spearheading policy change and continuing to teach the permaculture principles and ethics.


Just by visiting Punta Mona, you’ll get an immersion into the world of permaculture design – and if you want to deepen your understanding and education we offer certification courses and workshops:


Upcoming Permaculture Courses