Herbalism teaches us the interconnected relationships between the plants, the people, the land, the waters and all her children. It is critical to get out in nature to observe and practice with the plants every day. Learn from those who came before, learn from those who live with the soil, learn from your own experience and be a part of a well and just future where all beings are valued as one. 

Herbalism is many many things - it encompasses topics such as botany, ethnobotany, pharmacology, phytochemistry, biology, ecology, anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, permaculture, farming, gardening, conservation, restoration, activism, alchemy, history, mythology, allegory, first-aid, culinary arts, community health, counseling, psychiatry, storytelling, witchcraft and more!!

Why herbalism?

Medicines are around us at all times. There is an herb, plant, or fungi for any ailment. In our healing process, we look to our herbal allies to support us and nourish us as foods and medicines for the mind, body, spirit and community. With a deep awareness of the limitations of natural medicine, we teach the importance of balanced, diverse and integrated wellness programs tailored to meet individual needs. Immerse yourself in the vast field of Herbalism, gain confidence in your practice by learning about the plants from the plants and by the people who live with them. 


Herbalism at Punta Mona

Here at Punta Mona we speak on behalf of the plants, transmitting their message for the wellbeing of all beings. We know that all life and life systems are deeply interconnected and we believe in the power of the plants and fungi as critical support networks to global healing.

At Punta Mona, we have cataloged over 150 medicinal plants, trees and fungi, that are native, naturalized and exotic parts of our extensive botanical collection.

Please check out the various learning experiences we have and come spend time with the abundant and magical tropical medicinal plants!


Upcoming Herbalism Courses