Important Info 

Preparing for your trip to Punta Mona? Here are a few important things to know when traveling to Costa Rica and living in the jungle off-the-grid!


You must pay for your stay before you arrive at Punta Mona. We do not accept PayPal or Credit Card on site.

We accept payment in the form of a check, Paypal transfer (to or cash in US Dollars or Costa Rican Colones. Please note that Paypal transfers require a $5 service fee for each transfer.


It is not advised to use traveler’s checks in Costa Rica as many places including us do not take them. Larger places will take credit cards, but cash is the preferred method. Travel with what you feel most comfortable carrying.

** Please be aware that there is NO ATM in Manzanillo and that there are 2 ATMs in Puerto Viejo, as well as two banks and a currency exchange office.

For current exchange rates please check out: 

Note: Costa Rica is a very safe country, but like anywhere theft does happen. Please keep your personal belongings close to you and do not flaunt your camera, money or phone.


Please make sure to have a copy of your passport. We will put your passport away in our lock box on the farm and you should keep your copy on you when you venture off the farm.


Punta Mona has two wells as well as a rain catchment system. Our water goes through a slow sand filter from its collection site. Drinking water goes through a final UV filter to kill microbes for safe drinking. This system will be discussed in greater detail upon arrival. Costa Rica does not have malaria, you will not need a malaria vaccine. There is an occasional bout of Dengue Fever, which is like a very bad flu. In the 15 years at Punta Mona we have not seen very much of it at all. You may be working with an array of tools so we recommend having your tetanus vaccine up to date. Costa Rica has an amazing medical system and there is a clinic in Puerto Viejo and a hospital about an hour away in case of emergencies. Please send us two emergency contacts prior to arrival.


Cotton tampons and paper wrappers can be put into the composting toilet system. All plastic must go out into landfill. Please be conscious of waste but be conscious of your personal comfort. Those of us who live on the farm love menstrual cups like Diva Cup or Saalt.


We have solar-powered satellite internet at Punta Mona. This is an extremely valuable luxury resource, quite costly and completely dependent on sunshine.

We encourage people to reach out to their loved ones to let them know you are safe and sound, though we also encourage limited use of the internet to not overload your already stimulated senses.

We will have WiFi available in our main community house every day after lunch and after dinner for contact with loved ones.

In case of emergencies, your family can email us at:


We grow a lot of our own food, source local organic produce, and also buy some conventional products. 

The food at Punta Mona is mostly vegan, ovo-vegetarian and made three times a day from scratch.

We eat at 7am, 12 pm, 6 pm. Make sure to bring your own snacks as they are not provided.

Guests are not permitted to take food or cook in the kitchen without permission. If you would like to participate in meal preparation, please let us know.

**At Punta Mona we eat 80% organic, some things are not available organic in Costa Rica, we do the best we can. We also eat organic eggs, catch fish from a kayak and occasionally eat chicken from the farm and neighbors. We always have vegan dishes available, so none go hungry!