Walk on the Wild Side.


Punta Mona is a family-owned, off-the-grid permaculture farm and educational retreat center on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Launched in 1997, we are one of the most established and bio-diverse permaculture farms in Central America, with over 300 varieties of perennial tropical fruit and nut trees, abundant root crops, vegetables and annuals, as well as over 150 medicinal plants. We are an intentional community of permies, herbalists, chefs, yogis, builders, and artists, on a mission to practice and teach a simpler, regenerative way of living that nourishes mind, body, spirit and mother Earth.

We envision a world where all beings thrive, connected with community, abundant resources, and Mother Earth - and our impact as a species regenerates the planet we call home.



Our core values communicate our fundamental beliefs and driving principles as an organization. They guide us. They unite us. They keep us aligned with our path and our shared vision.


We are here to protect and regenerate our Earth. We design and teach a way of living that restores balance and reciprocity with the natural world. We are on a mission to grow more food, use less water, reduce our waste, advance renewable energy solutions, and reverse the impact we have on our planet.



We live in abundance. When we all care for our Earth, our Earth cares for us - and we all thrive together. We practice cooperation and co-creation, and our reward is shared equally.



We value and support each member of our Punta Mona family. People care means self-care, self-nourishment, and deep listening. We show up for ourselves and for each other with full presence every day. We are each responsible for the care and well-being of the collective community.



We dream and design beyond our generation. We are planting the seeds for the trees our great grandchildren will harvest from. We are the solution we’ve been waiting for.